LIVE BLOG: Election Day in the Swing Counties

We took a look into the “13 Counties That May Decide The Presidential Election” to show who these voters are, demographically. Follow here all day long for live coverage and aggregation on the ground in these 13 counties.

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Obama has won. The final election results for eight of the 13 swing counties we’ve been following have come out, and only one of the counties, Tuscarawas County, OH, swung away from the 2008 election. Here is a final look at this year’s election compared with the three previous.


* Results not final. All 2012 election result numbers are from Politico.

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LIVE CHARTING: Current Election Results for three swing counties in Florida, via Politico’s Election Result numbers.

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LIVE CHARTING: Current Election Results for Hillsborough County, FL, via Politico’s Election Result numbers.

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LIVE CHARTING: Current Election Results for Pinellas County, FL, via Politico’s Election Result numbers.


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LIVE CHARTING: Current Election Results for Cumberland County, NC, via Politico’s Election Result numbers.

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LIVE CHARTING: Current Election Results for Wake County, NC, via Politico’s Election Result numbers.

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LIVE CHARTING: Current Election Results for Osceola County, FL, via Politico’s Election Result numbers.

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LIVE CHARTING: Current Election Results for Jefferson County, CO, via Politico’s Election Result numbers.


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LIVE CHARTING: Current Election Results for Hamilton County, OH, via Politico’s Election Result numbers.


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For more  of The Brooklyn Ink’s live coverage and aggregation, follow “Live Blog: Praying for Victory” on our site.

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Earlier today in Jefferson County, CO. fights over candidates and traffic concerns, the Denver Post reports:

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Alex Triantafilou, chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party in Ohio, says that the race is going “to be very close in this county.”

President Obama won Hamilton County in 2008, so the Republican Party has “a lot of ground to make up in a county that is demographically trending for the Democrats,” says Triantafilou. But there has been “heavy turnout, especially in Republican neighborhoods,” he says, adding that there are still long lines all over the county.

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Updates on the power outage in Hillsborough County, FL Supervisor of Election Office:

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Waits are very long at voting location in Arapahoe County, CO, according to Amanda Kost for 7News:

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Letitia E. Gaillard is still hard at work in Jefferson County, CO.

“It’s a tough time for both parties, really close race for us here, but we are doing our best to get the volunteers out,” says Gaillard, adding that the volunteers are working to get as much done as possible before polls close at 7 p.m. tonight.

Gaillard says that some people in Jefferson County received postcards that listed the wrong locations for their polling stations. “People were getting really confused, but we were able to sort it out. No one knows who sent them at all.”

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A power outage in Hillsborough County, FL, according to Bay News 9:

4:00 pm


Some voting numbers out of Arapahoe County, CO:

3:34 pm


Eve Munro is a volunteer with the Hamilton County, OH Democratic Party. There were 31 people in line at the Norwood voting location at 3:30 p.m., “which is very, very good for us to have something like that at 3:30,” says Munro.
Munro says that turnout has been high all day. “We are going to have our victory party tonight. We are looking forward to that,” she says.

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African American voter turnout very important in Hamilton County, OH. Business Insider reports:

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Chester County, PA resident Kenneth Collins, who is Chief Executive Officer of Susquehanna Commercial Finance, Inc., voted around noon today, when there was no line, he says, but there was a long line when he drove past in the morning.
“The volunteers were friendly and efficient. This particular voting place is mostly republican base,” says Collins.

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Valerie Jester from Chester County, PA voted around 9 a.m. this morning. She says “the voter turnout was strong” and that “everyone at my polling place was smiling and the mood seemed to be very upbeat,” more upbeat than she has every seen before.

“When everyone feels that their vote may truly make a difference, the importance of the act becomes much greater and significant for the voter,” says Jester.

Even though the day has been high in spirits, Jester is glad it is coming to a close. “This has been a very long campaign, one that I am happy to have behind us,” she said.

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Wake County, NC voters show off their post-voting stickers:

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Tori Goodrich from Chester County, PA voted early this morning. There were only about 30 people in front of her, but by the time she left at 7:20 a.m. there were almost 100 people lined up. “People in line were excited that we had three brand new voters in our line,” says Goodrich.
Even though it is such an important swing county, Goodrich says she saw very little campaigning in Chester County recently. “I really didn’t see that many people campaigning in this area, at the schools, or out shaking hands, or being that accessible, which was frustrating for me.” Despite that, she is “thrilled” to have a say as a voter in such an important swing county.

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After misinformation about how much time voters would have to place ballots, some more concerns out of Pinellas County, FL. There have been some power outages from a storm in the county, but no impediment on the voting process: Tampa Bay Times reports:

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William Gillis, chairman of the Cumberland County, NC Republican Party said that voter turnout at the local precincts is “very charged” and there are “energetic groups of supporters.”
Gillis says that the Cumberland County Republican Party has greeters at all 77 of the county’s precincts. The county is mostly blue and though Gillis expects it to go to President Obama, he says that there “won’t be nearly as many votes toward Obama as there was last time” in 2008.
In the office there are are a dozen volunteers making calls to registered Republicans who haven’t yet voted.

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Photos from voting spots in Osceola County, FL from @anedka:

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Big mistake in one of the 13: Pinellas County, FL. Some voters told they had until 7 p.m. on Wednesday to place ballots.

Naked Politics, a blog by the Miami Herald, reports:

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Letitia E. Gaillard, who works at Organizing for America, says that turnout in Arvada, CO in Jefferson County, one of the 13 swing counties, is seeing some “very busy” voter attendance. “Coloradans stick together. Democrats and Republicans have a lot of turnout for volunteers.” Gaillard thinks the vote will go to Obama. She is offering her help to voters who don’t know where to head today.

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Arapahoe County, CO is waiting patiently to vote:

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Brian Gracely voted in Wake County, NC during a calm hour at the polls. After all the controversy about IDs on election day, he didn’t even have to show any, he says. “Seemed like quite a bit of buzz about nothing. We didn’t have to show any ID; just validate a name and address.”

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Voter knows how much his vote counts in Prince William County, VA.

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Romney volunteers are at work on Election Day in Prince William County, VA.

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How’s the voting going in Wake County, NC?

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Two of our 13 featured swing counties are in Colorado–Jefferson and Arapahoe.

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Short lines in the Democratic leaning Chester County, PA, says Tom Sunnergren with in Phoenixville.
“Everyone is feeling more or less satisfied with the turnout,” says Sunnergren, who hasn’t seen any long lines at any of the four voting locations he’s visited. About 30 to 40 people waiting to vote. The turnout is better than previously expected.

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Looks like there’s some rainy weather in two of the swing counties, Pinellas County and Hillsborough County in FL.


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Long lines already in Prince William County, VA.

8:18 am


What’s happening in Hillsborough County, FL?

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Early morning voting booths are open, but aren’t crowded yet in Cumberland County, NC, says Kelly Twedell, a local editor at in Fort Bragg.

There was a large turnout for early voting on Saturday, “much higher than in previous years,” Twedell says. How is Cumberland County going to vote? Only time will tell, but Twedell says “I think we’ll vote more conservatively this time around than in the past.”

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