Double or Nothing: Obama Wins

According to CNN, MSNBC, and FoxNews, Obama is predicted to win the 2012 presidential election. He is projected to have a wide sweep of the electoral vote but a very tight margin in the popular vote.

Thanks for following along with us throughout the day. Below you’ll find a recap of the day’s events leading up to the results from our reporters around the five boroughs.

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Earlier tonight, The Brooklyn Ink staff reported as elections results were coming in. Take a look below at our coverage throughout the day.
Photo Credit: AP/Charles Dharapak

The Brooklyn Ink is live-tweeting from around New York as the results of the election come in! Follow our reporters on twitter, search the hashtag #electionBK or check back in here for updates.

Reporter Marie Telling (@MarieTelling) will be with the NY Young Republicans Club at the Westin Grand Central, where they are planning a victory bash.

Matthew Vann (@MPVann) will be at Ceol Irish Pub in Cobble Hill with the Brooklyn Young Republicans.

Keira Huang (@keiralulu), Daniel Arkin (@d_arkin) and Roxy Kirshenbaum (@roxykirsh) will be following at NBC’s Democracy Plaza at Rockefeller Center.

Madeline Ross (@madelinekbr) will be at Cebu in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn following developments in a contested local race with Andrew Gounardes, who is challenging longtime Republican state senator Marty Golden.

Lauren Betesh (@laurenbetesh) will be lightening the mood from The Stand Comedy Club in Gramercy.

Jon Wiener (@JWiener87) and Anirvan Ghosh (@anirvanghosh) will be posting updates from Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO, Brooklyn.


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As Results Roll In…

Various election viewing parties across the boroughs are anxiously awaiting results. Here are some tweets from our reporters:

11:11 pm


Earlier tonight at the NBC Experience store inside Rockefeller Center, a crowd watches news updates and poll results. The mood favors Obama, as updates of his successes are met with cheers as those for Romney met with boos.

Rockefeller Center from Lu Huang on Vimeo.

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Gounardes v. Golden: An Intimate Look

Reporter Madeline Ross is spending the evening watching election results with someone with a very personal stake in the matter: Andrew Gounardes (D),  who is facing off against incumbent State Senator Marty Golden (R) for the New York State Senate in the 22nd District.

The district includes Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Gerritsen Beach, Marine Park, as well as parts of Sheepshead Bay and Gravesend. The district includes areas affected by Hurricane Sandy and both candidates have been working to coordinate volunteer efforts in the past week.

Golden, a retired cop, is running for his sixth term representing the district while this is the first time 26-year-old Gounardes is running for an elective office.


Check out this video from the Bensonhurst Bean featuring a debate between the two contenders:

And here is Gounardes declaring his candidacy:

Who do you prefer? We’ll get to see who wins this contest later in the night.

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With 50% for Obama, 49% for Romney and 13% of the vote still to be counted, Florida is really too close for comfort right now.

Take a look at how three Florida counties that we profiled in 13 Counties That May Decide The Presidential Election are faring: these were important swing counties that went to Bush in ’04 and Obama in ’08.

LIVE CHARTING: Current Election Results for Osceola County, FL, as of 10:04 p.m. via Politico’s Election Result numbers.

LIVE CHARTING: Current Election Results for Pinellas County, FL, as of 10:27 p.m. via Politico’s Election Result numbers.

LIVE CHARTING: Current Election Results for Hillsborough County, FL, as of 10:30 p.m. via Politico’s Election Result numbers.

To check out how other decisive counties in Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin, and North Carolina are doing, visit our other LIVE BLOG: Election Day in the Swing Counties.

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Matthew Vann of The Brooklyn Ink caught up with Glenn Nocera, president of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, to chat about the progression of election night. Nocera claims not to worry about the exit polls that favored Obama. He remains weary, but hopeful. Listen to the interview below.

9:21 pm


An update from The Week via AP puts Romney ahead of Obama by 30 votes. However, several key swing states are still in play including Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

9:09 pm


As polls continue to close and final results are released, The Brooklyn Ink staff observes crowd responses throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.



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Voters Persist Despite Sandy

Despite Hurricane Sandy’s continuing aftereffects, voters in New York and New Jersey made a strong showing at the polls, a CBS News article says.

While some areas like Hoboken are still reeling from flooding, many residents braved hours-long lines to have their vote counted. Dozens of polling sites had to be relocated or merged with others due to storm wreckage, and there was widespread confusion about locations amongst both voters and poll workers.

To make things easier for Sandy-affected voters, Gov. Cuomo issued an executive order yesterday allowing people to cast a provisional ballot at any New York State polling site. Though these residents weren’t able to vote in local races, at least their opinion on the federal and state elections will be heard.

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Interactive data visualization via Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is updating this interactive graphic  as results are released. The dark red and dark blue states show final results, the lighter colored states refer to estimations based on exit polls. Check the map as the night progresses to watch the color spread.

8:07 pm


Image Credit: Business Insider via U.S. Census.

Polls have closed in Ohio, but results have not yet been released. As Business Insider reports, Ohio has lot of power tonight and may ultimately hold the deciding electoral vote. Romney needs the state’s support to survive and Obama needs it to win. Highlighted above are the regions to watch.


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The Brits are almost as nervous about the outcome as we are: the Guardian is also live-blogging the election outcomes with fantastic pictures, and, for those of us who haven’t memorized the numbers yet, a nice clean visualization of electoral votes by state.

7:52 pm


Photo Credit:

Waiting around anxiously for your candidate’s results to come in? Break up the tension with some humorous, out-of-the-box data visualization by Binders Full of Burgers. A creative way of looking at election numbers through, of all things, fast food.

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Earlier in the day we were following the 13 Counties That May Decide The Presidential Election. Now we’re switching over to local coverage from venues all over New York as the results of the election come in.

According to an AP news report, Obama won Vermont and Romney won Kentucky. That makes 11 electoral votes accounted for, and 270 are needed to win. Results are not yet in for contentious swing states, Ohio, Florida and Virginia. Stay tuned!

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