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Postcard from a Playground

  It’s a Friday morning at the Jackie Robinson Playground on Malcolm X Boulevard in Bed-Stuy. A young man plays basketball in one of the courts. An older man reads his newspaper on a table near the playground while two grown men, probably in their 30s, loudly discuss if they think women they’ve recently slept […]

Seasoned Cook Has Seen It All

Beatrice Mobley, believed to be one of the oldest surviving workers of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital, sits at her dining room table in the Vinegar Hill area of Brooklyn, surrounded by mementos from various stages of her life. She picks up of her 66-year-old Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital I.D. badge with its sepia-colored distressed […]

In Bed-Stuy, Loss Gives Life To Hope

22-year-old Kyle Decoteau was shot and killed in Bed-Stuy in July this year. His death and its aftermath, which saw a wave of anti-crime sentiment ripple through the neighborhood, shows that Bed-Stuy, though safer than in the past, is still plagued by crime; and its residents are fed up with the plague.