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Brooklyn Fares Worst in Stop and Frisk Incidents, Says New Report

Earlier this week a New York City Police Department report confirmed something many people in Brooklyn already know: the police department’s stop and frisk policy is alive and well in Brooklyn. According to the report, more people were stopped in two Brooklyn precincts, covering East New York, Brownsville and Crown Heights — than anywhere else in the city last year.

College Grad Returns Home to Pay it Forward

It’s game time on a Saturday afternoon at the Brownsville Recreation Center. Middle schoolers in haphazardly tied pinnies are battling it out on the basketball court under the watchful eyes of black leaders and sports stars painted like graffiti on the gym’s walls. The figures seem to be saying that there are possibilities outside of […]

Brooklyn Political Dynasty on Trial

A Jamaica Hospital official testified Thursday that state Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. received improper compensation for his efforts to secure city council funds for the hospital. The testimony, in emails presented to the jury, also implicated former city councilwoman Tracy Boyland, his sister. Boyland Jr., part of a prominent political dynasty in Brooklyn, has represented […]

Police Search for Shooter in Brownsville

Article corrected on 11/7/2011. Over fifty police officers from the 73rd and 81st precincts, a canine team and at least one NYPD helicopter are searching for a man who shot numerous rounds from a black Mercedes Benz around 1:00 pm today. The suspect abandoned the car in Glenmore Plaza in Brownsville after he fled the […]