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Soccer Inspires Kids in Crown Heights

Violence erupts randomly on the streets of Crown Heights.  What has remained consistent is the need for children to get out and play. The violence has been a subject of recent community board and precinct meetings.  Nancie Katz, however, seeks to remind people about the good things that also happen in the neighborhood.  One of […]

Brooklyn Rooftop Sniper In Custody

Three teenagers were arrested Tuesday as the rooftop snipers responsible for gunning down a Brooklyn mother as she saved terrified school kids from flying bullets, police said in a statement. Andrew Lopez, 18, admitted to the slaying soon after his arrest, confessing he pulled the trigger last Friday afternoon, according to the NY Daily News. Jonathan […]

Brooklyn Man Convicted of Murder in Child’s Death

Eugenio Torres, 24, was convicted of murder in a Pennsylvania court today following the death of his former girlfriend’s son, the Wall Street Journal reports. Torres could face the death sentence. Court is scheduled to meet again today to present evidence of “aggravating circumstances” that would justify the death penalty versus life in prison without […]

Bed-Stuy Boy, 12, Shot Following Party

The New York Daily News reports that 12-year-old boy was shot in the shoulder while walking home around midnight Sunday morning from a party. Police do not know who shot the boy or why he was shot, according to the Daily News. According to the report, he was walking near the corner of Lafayette and […]