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VIDEO: Stop-and-Frisk: Racist and Unconstitutional?

Last month, the NYPD released the Stop-and-Frisk statistics report for the year 2011, which underscored a broad public controversy about the NYPD’s  “stop-and-frisk” policy and charges of racial profiling. The data showed that African American and Hispanic New Yorkers accounted for the majority of the nearly 700,000 stops for that year, 52.9 and 33.7 percent […]

Brooklyn Fares Worst in Stop and Frisk Incidents, Says New Report

Earlier this week a New York City Police Department report confirmed something many people in Brooklyn already know: the police department’s stop and frisk policy is alive and well in Brooklyn. According to the report, more people were stopped in two Brooklyn precincts, covering East New York, Brownsville and Crown Heights — than anywhere else in the city last year.