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In Bed-Stuy, Loss Gives Life To Hope

22-year-old Kyle Decoteau was shot and killed in Bed-Stuy in July this year. His death and its aftermath, which saw a wave of anti-crime sentiment ripple through the neighborhood, shows that Bed-Stuy, though safer than in the past, is still plagued by crime; and its residents are fed up with the plague.

634 High School Students Forced to Use One Toilet

An entire student body of 634 students at the Science Skills Center High School were forced to share a single toilet for a month and put up with long waits, horrible smells and filthy conditions, reports NY Daily News. But the problem wasn’t a lack of restrooms. School administration kept the other four fully functional toilets locked […]

Crown Heights March to End Gun Violence

Residents of Crown Heights walked together on Thursday evening in a peace march to end gun violence, but also to call attention to increased safety in the neighborhood in recent years. Approximately 70 marchers congregated on the north side of Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue at 6:00pm. With many young participants carrying posters that said […]